The Best Foods to Try in Japan

October 23, 2016

Japan has a tempting cuisine. From ramen to sushi, you will surrender to their fantastic culinary!
We spent 2 weeks in Japan trying the most delicious and fantastic foods on offer. Here’s our list of the Best Foods to Try in Japan!

  1. Sushi
    You cannot fully experience Japan if you don’t have sushi. Get in a traditional sushi train and eat plenty. Plates usually range from AU$1-3 max. PLUS: they have sweet ‘sushi’ plates too! Like this delicious caramelised sweet potato with sesame seeds!
    Sushi | Nomaddictives
  2. Okonomiyaki
    A famous comfort food in Japan, specially in Kyoto. Made usually with cabbage and topped with seaweed and fish flakes or anything else you like. In some restaurants you can even grill your own in special hot plates in the centre of the table.
    Okonomiyaki | Nomaddictives
  3. Tempura
    Tempura is simple dish made by deep frying seafood or vegetables in batter. Crunchy, salty and delicious. What else?
    Tempura | Nomaddictives
  4. Ramen
    One of the most popular dishes in Japan. Ramen is a soup dish served with thin wheat noodles and topped with seaweed, pork slices and green onions. The dish was immortalised by Nissin, the maker of instant noodles and now famous worldwide. There’s even a museum for Nissim Ramen in Yokohama where you can even make your own flavour of noodles! Crazy, right?
    Nissin Ramen | Nomaddictives
  5. Omusoba
    A typical dish made with yakisoba (fried noodles) and then folded inside a giant omelet. A really delicious meal and packed with flavour! Make sure you go with an empty stomach, this thing is gigantic!
    Omusoba | Nomaddictives
  6. Taiyaki
    Taiyaki was such a delicious surprise! It’s a little fish shaped cake that taste just like crepe filled with a sweet cream, usually red bean such as azuki beans, custard cream or (my personal favourite) sweet potato! YUM!
    Taiyaki | Nomaddictives
  7. Sakura Ice Cream
    When it’s sakura season, everything comes flavoured with it! Including ice cream. Light and delicate flavour, this ice cream is an exotic treat perfect for the hot Spring days. When the season ends, another flavour make its turn, like matcha green tree or black sesame seed.
    Sakura Ice Cream | Nomaddictives
  8. KitKat (Yes, really)
    KitKats are everywhere, but in Japan, they take it to a whole new level. Green tea, Sakura, Creme Brulée, Strawberry and even Wasabi flavours make to the shelf.  The Green Tea flavour is actually quite nice plus they make a special (and delicious) souvenir.

Have you tried any of those foods? What’s your favourite? Or what would you like to try? Let us know in the comments. We would love to hear from you.

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