Barcelona, the City for Art Lovers

July 29, 2017

Barcelona is a booming city. Young at heart and avant-garde is just a simple way of putting it. The alleys and streets of the Catalan capital are filled with history, ancient architecture and iconic structures. Apart from the well know buildings, churchs and park from Gaudí there’s much more to be explored in one of Europe’s busiest city.

Apart from the infamous and also incomplete Sagrada Familia, there’s more out there to get your thirsty eyes on. Here’s what you shouldn’t miss while you explore more of Barcelona!

Barcelona: Paradise for Art Lovers

Park Güel

To visit Barcelona and not appreciate Gaudi’s work would be almost a blasphemy. But don’t worry, it’s almost impossible to do so as there are about 12 buildings in total! Most importantly, do not miss Gaudi’s gem, the Park Güel. A little further away from the city centre, it’s well worth the walk up to enjoy the amazing views and unique architecture. Spend the day breezing through the buildings, gardens and sights.

Gothic Quarter

The Gothic Quarter is a must and you probably will cross it while walking down to the beach but there’s more. Make sure to explore its nooks and crannies where hidden gems are to be found. Some of the best restaurants also lay secretly exposed on the uncountable alleys. Specially warm and inviting in the late afternoon where shops start closing and kitchens start booming with delicious aromas and inviting creations.

Bunkers del Carmel

Just to the right of Parc Güel, you’ll find the commonly known Bunkers. Loved by the locals who usually climb up to relax and watch the sunset, this old concrete platform which was once used during the Spanish Civil War, now offers 360º view of Barcelona. Really worthy spot for any photographer wanting to shoot that special golden hour.

National Art Museum of Catalonia

The area where the National Art Museum is located is full of amazing of…well, art. With a majestic facade and impressive works from the Romanesque collection, it’s not just the inside that impress. Right in front of it, you can experience (yes, it’s an experience in itself) the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc. The Plaça de Espania, La Monumental and Poble Espanyol are just on the surroundings as well, so make sure to take a full day to explore this beautiful piece of art in Barcelona.

Ruta del Modernisme

If you are really an art lover, you probably heard of the Ruta del Modernisme, which means the Modernist Route. This itinerary takes your through some of the most important works of the modernist movement that happened in Barcelona. The path is imprinted in small stones in the pathways of the city, hidden in plain sight. If you want to go deep, buy the book to follow and understand this movement that changed the face of the modern Barcelona.

If after exploring all these amazing sights, you haven’t fallen in love for Barcelona, then head back there and do it all over! Or just do it again. No questions asked.

What’s your favourite gem of Barcelona? Share it with us in the comments. We’d love to hear your experiences!

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