5 Ways to Move Around in Myanmar

March 7, 2017

Myanmar is an unique country with beautiful scenery and amazing people. The still undiscovered roads are plenty but there are other ways of enjoying this beautiful country.

If you want to enjoy the country to its fullest potential, make sure to take up on all the options available and make your time there even more remarkable.

We spent several days travelling around the country and exploring its different angles to show you our favourite ones!

5 Ways to Move Around in Myanmar

  1. Boat

    If you come to Myanmar, Inle Lake is mandatory stop. And you can’t explore the vastness of this lake without getting on a boat. So jump in and enjoy the breathtaking views you’ll encounter in a day tour around one of the most famous lakes in SE Asia. Don’t forget to snap a shot of the unique fisherman that live around there:
    5 Ways to Enjoy Myanmar

  2. Walking

    With a packed city and some unsealed roads, walking is one the best ways of exploring around. Enjoy the sensorial feels of walking on the cold and warm tiles of the temples in Yangon or Mandalay.
    5 Ways to Enjoy Myanmar

  3. By bus

    When in Myanmar, you might as well just go with what’s available. Although not always the most comfortable type of transport around, is also the cheapest and fastest (trains usually take up around double the time).

  4. From above

    Bagan is certainly a jaw-dropping destination from any angle you see it. But from above, the shapes of the temples transform into intricate puzzle-like pieces. Seeing all temples scattered around the sandy background is an even more spectacular sight.
    5 Ways to Enjoy Myanmar

  5. By bike

    If you are comfortable enough, hop on a motorbike and navigate the complex of temples in Bagan or visit the 3 Ancients Cities of Mandalay. By bike you have a freedom other means don’t usually offer and you’ll be able to experience a little of the daily life of the Burmese people.

Or, if everything fails, you may also take on a ride with these boys who’ll be able to show you the beach from a new angle…

5 Ways to Enjoy Myanmar

Have you travelled to Myanmar? What was your favourite way of going around? Would love to hear your experience, share them in the comments.

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