5 Reasons to Visit Da Lat

January 2, 2017

Vietnam is known by many attractions, like the Mekong Delta or Halong Bay. What few people know is that there are some special places where every traveller should explore but usually don’t even know. Da Lat is one of them. Before setting foot in Vietnam, I didn’t even know about the existence of this little town. The small dot in our travel guide didn’t seem of much interest. Big mistake. Da Lat managed to steal our hearts straight away.

We arrived in this chilly town where we didn’t even had a room to stay but had our hearts (and feet) quickly warmed by the locals and their breakfast noodles. We found a room in this amazing hostel: Tiny Tigers where we ate dinner with the family and had delicious breakfast in the morning.  Highly recommend hostel.

Although small, Da Lat has plenty of options to keep you busy. We unfortunately spent way less time we expected and were willing to.

Here are some reasons why you definitely should visit Da Lat:

  1. Canyoning:
    Not exactly a planned activity as the weather was colder than expected. Still, we set off to the waterfalls located only 15 minutes from town and got our gear on. Ready to take our lessons on abseiling in wet surfaces and to dive into the cold water. After 6 hours, we were soaked, cold and tired after an adrenaline hit that certainly made our day special. Beautiful sights and an amazing adventure, worth the cold feet.

    You have to jump 7 metres onto a natural pool. But you can also jump higher…

  2. The Crazy House/100 Floor Bar
    This place is one of the main attractions of Da Lat. The crazy house was built by an artist and offers the visitors a fun and tricky journey inside this crazy building. We didn’t have the time to visit it as we left the town (way) too early, but we checked out the 100 Floor Bar (or Crazy Bar). Same style, just with a bar inside. Try to get to the top bar without tripping or spilling your drink and get lost in the many levels and hideouts.
  3. Take an easy-ride through the farms and falls
    At Tiny Tigers, the owners of the most recommended bike tour on Trip Advisor (Dalat Motorbike Ventures) also work there. So it’s a no brainer that you take one day (or 3 like we did) to get on board of a bike and enjoy the ride along the beautiful landscapes of South Vietnam. We couldn’t recommend these guys enough! If you do this, you’ll probably tick the next item of the list off…
  4. Elephant Falls
    This beautiful falls are a bit of a ride (or trip) from Da Lat but are a beautiful and powerful spectacle to witness. Make sure the go down all the way to the bottom to feel the power of the water hitting the rocks sending you an invigorating breeze.
  5. Da Lat Cable Car
    If you don’t mind the height and would like to have a different perspective of the city, venture on the cable car to see the lake, the scenic views reaching the top on the monastery. A peaceful escape just off town.

These are some of the attractions in Da Lat but this small city has so much more to offer! The old town has plenty of French buildings making a stark contrast to the rest of the city. There are night markets with cheap deals and warm clothes in case you didn’t pack a warm jacket and the lake sits beautifully in the middle of the city.

Have you been to Da Lat before? Or even heard about it? Let us know in the comments if we missed anything. We’d love to learn more!

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