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We put together here all our Resources (meaning products, websites and tips) to save you time and money when traveling.


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If there’s one thing that we’ve learned while travelling non-stop for all this time is that you are worth a good night sleep! When checking for accommodation, ALWAYS look up for reviews and check for a good reputation hotel. Specially to avoid a nightmare story like ours.

Sheraton Tel Aviv

  • TripAdvisor

    We always check reviews on to make sure the hotel is actually good and will give us our much needed rest.

  • Booking.Com

    Also, to get an awesome US$20 discount on your next accommodation, look for the cheapest deals on to get a great deal and save some money on your first trip!

  • Airbnb

    Plus, Airbnb sometimes offer the best prices in certain destinations (erm, Europe). To get AU$30 off your first booking, click here for an amazing Airbnb deal!

  • Trusted Housitters

    If you are truly a nomad you’ll love to know you can stay in some amazing houses for free! That’s right! If you love pets and wouldn’t mind taking care of some in exchange for free accomodation, then you’ll love Use the code (RAF69749) to get 20% off your membership! Win, win!

Flights & Transit

Moving around when traveling is kind of a pain…so if you we have to do it, at least we are saving some bucks (and whenever we can, the environment too). Here’s a list of the places we go to find the best way to go places.

  • Go Euro is the best website to find ways of moving around in Europe. It gathers prices and duration of several options (including flights, trains and buses) giving you the most accessible deals.
    We only used this to find our transit solutions while in Europe, so don’t look anywhere else!

  • Bla Bla Car

    This one is great! If you haven’t heard of it, you’ll fall in love right now! Bla Bla Car is an app and website that helps you find rides for usually a good deal. The great part of it though is the fact that you will get a ride with a local or someone that knows the area and can give you great tips to where you are going. Plus you can practice your language skills as is only available in Europe (originally from France).

  • Momondo

    If you are looking for flight deals, this is the place to go! does pretty much the same as GoEuro but for flights all over the world. We found some great deals with it and we highly recommend their offers.

  • Fly4Free

    Alright, this is the deal. offers THE best flight deals we’ve ever seen in our lives. We probably shouldn’t even be sharing this but we trust you guys won’t tell anyone, right? The catch? Well, you will have to have some flexibility when booking any flights there as the deals are at random dates and destinations. So if you are up for an adventure and wouldn’t mind flying somewhere unexpected for a change, this is the website for you!


Here are some of the products we know and love and totally think yo should get. Why? Because we’ve been using them and loving every bit of it! They are items that are durable, handy and perfect for travelling.

  • Osprey

    This brand is our FAVOURITE! Our bags are from Osprey and since we started traveling they have gone through several check-ins, packed buses, wet boats and more. Durable and extremely well designed they have saved us the trouble of carrying it on our backs (even though we do have the option) and they can even go with you on the flight. Seriously though, we are not earning a single penny by bragging about this brand. We simply love it and we think you will love it too. For more info, check their website.

  • Patagonia

    We love any brand that is sustainable, so we couldn’t not add Patagonia to the list. Of course, we have tested their products and in fact, our rain jacket is one of our best travel purchases. The products are of extremely good quality and they also have a mission of making their products causing the least possible harm to the environment. Therefore, they use natural and recycled fibers to produce their high quality products. We love their mission, work and products so we are sharing it with you (again, not a single penny in our pockets). For more info, click here.

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