Travel Guide: Vanuatu

Known to being home to the happiest population on the planet, it’s difficult not to fall in love with this tiny although paradisiac country. In total, Vanuatu consists of 82 islands, being Espiritu Santo and Efate the main ones. Apart from breathtaking beaches, Vanuatu offers lush and green sceneries and perfectly clear waters for diving and snorkelling.

Vanuatu is a small cluster of islands in the South Pacific Ocean. Just over 2 hours flight from Brisbane, Australia and surrounded by some other famous archipelagos like Fiji and New Caledonia. Vanuatu is also known by the romantic getaways and perfect honeymoon locations.

Take your time to sit back and relax and enjoy the hospitality of the Ni-Vanuatu people. You’ll feel like you are the happiest person in the world too.

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When To Travel

Vanuatu benefits from a tropical weather which allows travellers to enjoy the trip to the beach all year around. With that said, from May to October the weather is usually dryer and slightly cooler, temperatures varying from 18 to 28 degrees (Celsius). From November to March, the wet season makes the temperatures and humidity to go up, nothing that makes much of a difference in tours though. Rain comes and go and you are ready to go again.
Keep an eye for School Holidays in Australia when crowds gather and prices rise.


Accommodation in Vanuatu varies from around AU$40 to AU$250. If you are looking for a resort stay, get ready to spend good money as the paradisiac views come with a salty bill but around Efate (main island) you can great options for about AU$75 per day on Airbnb for example.


Food can be cheap if purchased in the markets and made at home/backpackers (if you have the facility). Otherwise, dining out will cost around AS$8 to AS$25 depending on where you choose to eat. Resorts usually offer delicious but pricier food. If looking for cheap eats, check around the town in Efate or with locals (who are always happy to help).


There is no public transport in Vanuatu. In Efate, trucks and mini-vans are the transportation available and cost not more than 200 VT (AU$2.50). However, most tours offer transport or pick-up/drop-off services for free and taxis are a cheap option too.

Things to Do

Whatever you like to do, you can find something you love in Vanuatu. Diving, snorkelling, zip lining, relaxing or hiking, you got it all.

Nomaddictives Tip

  • Try to avoid School Holidays in Australia, as tourists flood the little island and prices spike significantly.
  • Tipping or bargaining is not common at all. Exchanges or even a t-shirt are usually welcomed and happily accepted.
  • Water in Vanuatu is considered safe to drink. All food produced in the country is free of chemicals and pesticides.

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