Travel Guide: Thailand

Thailand is one of the most popular travel destinations in South East Asia. And with really good reason. Booming with jaw-dropping islands, amazing culture and warm smiles, it certainly will make you love this country.

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When to Travel

Thailand offers good weather throughout the year, but high season starts in November and it offers higher prices too! We spent most of our time in Southern Thailand at the end of monsoon season (late October/early November) and had the best time as we saved money on trips (still low season) and very little rain, also not so hot around this time.


As Thailand is a very touristic destination, prices are usually higher. It is actually one of the most expensive around SE Asia, but still affordable. You can have a room for around AU$30 (for 2 people) in most cities/islands. Be careful of dodgy deals or too good to be true offers, they usually turn out to be true.


One of our favourite so far! Food is inexpensive and always delicious. Eat at a food stalls or find a cheap restaurant by the beach. Our meals usually cost around 100 Baht (AU$3.75) each. Drink options are great too. Beers go from AU$3 and up.


If you are in an island, walk. In city centre like Bangkok, use a taxi service and always ask for the meter (don’t fall for the ‘no meter’ scam). If you can ride a motorbike, do so in smaller cities, like Phuket and Krabi. Tuk-tuks in Thailand have become expensive and not worth anymore unless you want to have the full ‘tourist’ experience.

Things to Do

If you are visiting this amazing country, there are a few things you have to do, like go on a long-tail boat and visit the amazing beaches and temples. But there’s more to it. Read below our best tips:

Nomaddictives Tips

  • When in Bangkok, be aware of the several taxi scams that charge around 3 times more than the regular fare. Taxi drivers usually say they don’t work by the meter, ignore them and find another one. Try to get taxis that are on the go. We found that those are the ones that usually go by the law.
  • When shopping, look around and try a bargain, if it doesn’t work, move along and try again somewhere else. But don’t be unfair. For them, your change can make a difference.
  • When visiting certain beaches, beware of monkeys. Don’t leave unattended bags or food, as they are quick to attack.
  • Don’t litter! Thailand has some amazing beaches and is working hard to keep them clean. Take your rubbish with you.

Cost Breakdown

*Cost breakdown shown below refers to expenses per day for 2 people for Australian & Brazilian passport holders (visa).

  • Accomodation: AU$16.97
  • Food: AU$30.90
  • Entertainment: AU$12.27
  • Visa: NIL


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