Travel Guide: Laos

Laos is an unique country with many beautiful attractions and lovely people. We completely fell in love with Laotian people and their simple ways and even more so with the beauty and serenity this country offers.

When to Travel

We visited Luang Prabang and Vang Vieng in December/January (Winter) and it was cool but not freezing. Temperatures range from 10°C-25°C. October to April is Dry Season, so generally a best time to travel, if you want warmer temperatures, May and June are usually best.


Laos is an expensive country compared to the rest of South East Asia, so be prepared to empty your pockets when you stay here. Accommodation ranges from AU$25-40 in budget hostels or guesthouses. No way to run from that, unfortunately.


Food is also a little more expensive, with dishes starting from AU$4-6 per meal or more (a lot more expensive than the rest of SE Asia). Luang Prabang has a great offer of Western food and local haute cuisine. But you usually can find cheaper street food vendors along the main areas.


Travelling in and out of the country is safe by bus but not for those with a weak stomach. Travelling in the snake-like roads can be tough and it’s certainly not a nice ride, but still doable. Flights around Vientiane and Luang Prabang are also plenty but again, not cheap.

Things to Do

Nomaddictives Tips

  • Laotian people are very reserved and polite. Behave accordingly and dress modestly around town and specially in temples.
  • The Alms giving ceremony is very famous but also a sacred rite. Respect and act accordingly, not disturbing the monks.
  • Don’t support child abuse of slavery by purchasing items or giving money to begging kids. Although there aren’t many in Luang Prabang for example, it’s still a very common problem in Laos.
  • Beware of your belongings, much like the rest of SE Asia, opportunist people will take advantage whenever possible. We witnessed a girl having her iPad stolen right from her side while she slept on the bus. So be careful at all times.

Cost Breakdown

*Cost breakdown shown below refers to expenses per day for 2 people for Australian & Brazilian passport holders (visa).

  • Accomodation: AU$26.22
  • Food: AU$43.87
  • Entertainment: AU$10.28
  • Visa: AU$105.75 (US$30 + several fees if you enter by land)


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