Travel Guide: Ireland

Ireland is famous for many things but the best one we experienced was the Irish hospitality. Warm and welcoming, this country will make you feel at home. With a relaxed vibe and incredible landscapes, visiting Ireland should be in everyone’s list.

When To Travel

Summer is the most recommended time as the country is cold almost all year round. We visited during spring and still had to dress warmly to fight the cold. Rain and cloudy days are the norm but they don’t spoil the views. Be prepared if you head north as it’s never over 15ºC degrees.


Accommodation starts at €30 in Dublin for a simple double room but can go a little lower in other cities. Ireland is almost as expensive as England so be prepared to spend quite a bit staying around.


Food prices are similar to England as well. You can eat cheap at some street food stalls around the city but prices get higher at any other cafe or fast food restaurant. Best option is to look for supermarkets or local small restaurants.


In Dublin, bus lines service well the whole city and is easy to move around. If you are going from one city to the other, check bus timelines as well as disruptions can occur (we arrived in the middle of a bus strike, so no bus services from outside of Dublin).

Things to Do

Plenty to do from all sides of Ireland, from north to south, there are impressive natural landscapes and Game of Thrones sets all around.

Nomaddictives Tip

  • Do not miss to go on a road trip in Ireland, being a small country with safe roads and incredible sights.
  • Irish people are very friendly and helpful. Get out there and have a Guinness with a local.

Cost Breakdown

*Cost breakdown shown below refers to expenses per day for 2 people for Australian & Brazilian passport holders (visa).

  • Accomodation: AU$32
  • Food: AU$33
  • Entertainment: AU$40 (beer is expensive, ya know)
  • Visa: NIL


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