Travel Guide: Australia

Australia is home to the famous kangaroos, the Opera House, koalas and other deadly animals. The land Down Under (how it’s commonly known around here) is one great country with some of the most stunning beaches and waves, remarkable animals and incredibly different sights. You can see a dessert, snow and tropical forests all in one (really big) country.

Also, Australia has something to offer to everyone. Relax on the crystal white sands of Whitsundays or shop till you drop in Sydney. Dive on the greatest Barrier Reef in the world or get lost in the streets of Melbourne. It’s up to you what you’d like to do here. We’ve got it all!


When To Travel

Because of Australia’s size, the perfect timing depends on where you are going. If you are coming to Queensland (home to the Great Barrier Reef), late spring is usually a good time, as it’s warm but not too much and humidity is also lower. Summer is also wet season and you can get caught in a really bad storm. If you are travelling to Sydney or any other city below the tropics, Summer can be a good time as the heat is not so intense. Tasmania is cold all year-round. And cities like Melbourne (Victoria) and Adelaide (South Australia) get also quite cold in Winter, so come prepared. Obviously as being located in the Southern Hemisphere, Australia experiences Winter when it’s Summer in the North Hemisphere and so on, so be aware of this change.


Hostels in Australia vary from city to city. Sydney and Melbourne are quite expensive, varying from AU$30-50 per night for a couple. Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide are usually around AU$25-30. You can also get pretty cheap accomodation on Airbnb, which usually offers better deals than hostels.


Food can get quite expensive but you can get cheap eats on the street for a AU$7-10. Or head to your local Woolworths or Coles and get cooking for a cheaper deal. There’s no ‘typical’ food as per se. But if you are in Australia, you might as well, try a snag on white bread (AKA Sausage Sizzle) and a Meat Pie.


Public transport is expensive and mostly inefficient but safe. If you are staying in a central area, use it. Otherwise, if going on a road trip or wanting to explore further from the city central, hire a car. If you stay long enough, buy yourself a pass or card for use in public transport. It’s usually cheaper and you won’t have to carry money with you.

Things to Do

Australia is big and packed with adventure. Check our favourite things to do:

Nomaddictives Tip

  • Australians are usually very laid back and love to chat and enjoy a beer, spend the Happy Hour in a pub drinking and making friends.
  • In Australia, follow the law. Police is strict and will apply fines or prosecute if you misconduct.
  • Aussie slang is a big mystery for most foreigners. Take some time to get used to it.
  • Here, everyone knows how to enjoy their time off. Outdoor adventures and infra-structure are plenty and varied. Get camping or hiking or diving and more!
  • There are a lot of deadly animals around here, but don’t worry. They won’t kill you if you take certain basic precautions. For example, only swim in beaches and allowed areas. Follow signs when going hiking or camping and be aware of what could possibly be harmful around you. There hasn’t been a case for people being killed by a spider or snakes in decades around here.


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