9 Tips for Travelling Long Term with a Partner

January 30, 2017

Traveling is a dream for many and to travel with someone special is sounds like an even better plan. But traveling with a partner can sometimes be, errr, challenging…

We’ve been traveling for over 3 months and still have another 9 to go, if everything goes to plan. You may say that 3 months is not enough to have a taste of what traveling long term can be, but we’ll tell you something: if it doesn’t look good now, it probably won’t make it till the end.

That’s why we keep discussing and working on our relationship to ensure we can enjoy our trip with the peace of mind that we can make it (happily) till the end.

As any relationship has they particularities and ways of working, we always had our way of talking, discussing and making things rights. Good humour was always one of them. We poke fun at each other and wake up each morning with a snuggle to start the day right, even if we have to wake up on a rush.

So we decided to gather a few tips that we use to keep our relationship in check while traveling together and share them with you!

Tips for Travelling with a Partner Long Term:

  1. Communicate often and clear:

    Communication as many of you know is the basics of a good relationship. Talking about real issues and things that matter to both of you is key to understanding and treating each other well. If a problem arises, talking openly and without judgement is the best way to resolve any issues specially considering that you probably don’t have anywhere to run!

  2. Give you and your partner some time off:

    Having some time off to relax, work or just chill by yourself is pretty important when you are travelling for long periods of time. Do different activities or spend the day doing different things. Even if you can’t physically be separated, just doing your own things without having the interruption is nice for a change and essential to keep oneself in check.

  3. Make time to be romantic:

    Long term travel can make lovers feel more like a travel buddy than a partner sometimes. So remember to do something nice and take the time to do something you’d do back home, like go out for a date night or have a romantic dinner. It’s all important to keep the relationship going.

  4. Share the load:

    While travelling both Jean and I have different ‘assigned tasks’: I write, he makes bookings. I take photos, he makes the videos. I keep up on social media, he fixes up the website and so on…But when we have a special situation and one of us is overloaded, the other stops everything and help. That way we make sure that both of us are feeling valued and appreciated for the efforts and also feel like we can count on each other, as we should!

  5. Make fun of each other:

    For the sake of your relationship, take things lightly. He forgot the money at the hostel? Poke fun at him! She got lost on the road? Make fun at her sense of direction…and life goes on. Remember that we all make mistakes and we have to ‘pick our battles’ wisely, don’t sweat the small stuff. Also, try to see the bright side of things and your trip will go a long way!

  6. Sometimes is ok to sleep in separate beds:

    More often than not we are presented with the question: double or twin? Most of time (ok, we mean all the time) we go for the double, but when we are left with no options, a twin is cool. Changing it off a bit is good and gives us room to appreciate the pros of travelling with your partner. Play it cool, enjoy the night by yourself and make it up for next time you stay together. 😉

  7. Make the effort to talk to other people:

    Travelling as a couple makes it hard to get talking to other people sometimes. So make sure you both make an effort to be outgoing and talk to others. It may seem ‘annoying’ and time-consuming at times but it’s great to meet new people and exchange ideas and experiences. You’ll enjoy your travels a lot more (and have something different to talk to your partner!).

    We’ve met so many amazing people along the way…

  8. Be patient:

    It’s important to accept that not all things will go as planned. Things will get lost, accommodations will be awful, trains will be missed and so on…so acknowledge that at times it will be difficult to stay cool. Plus: don’t take things personally! We all get out of hand sometimes so it’s important the both of you understand that it’s ok to be upset and angry. Just remember not to lash out at your partner and talk things through.

  9.  Be grateful:

    Travelling in itself is one of the best things you can possibly do. Having a special someone with you even more so, so remember to be grateful for the opportunity and to your partner as well. Cherish the good and bad moments and be thankful for all the amazing experiences together.

Have you travelled long term with a partner? How did it go? What are your tips for a happy travel together? We’d love to hear from you!

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