6 Handy Tips to Start Your Trip with the Right Foot

August 5, 2016

Travelling is one of the best things you can possibly do in your life. It’s an unique opportunity to grow, discover and have fun. What is not so fun though, is getting everything ready for when the times comes and you have to be prepared for whatever might happen in the time you are away.

Thinking about that, we put together a list of the best things you can do and buy to set your trip with the right foot. Get the pens and notepads and take note!

  1. Make a list
    Kind of obvious? Yep, but most people really forget to put this simple step into action. Make sure to include everything essential and before packing double check the list again to ensure you didn’t forget anything important.
  2. Research your destination
    Obvious again? Yes, but still, you can get caught in a bad situation if you don’t do a bit of research. Did you know that winter in Brazil, for example, can get to negative temperatures in some areas? Always check weather conditions, season, culture and what are you going to be doing in the trip. If you are heading to a tropical destination, make sure to pack accordingly but take at least one or two warm but light items for a quick weather change or for airports and planes.
  3. Invest in a good quality backpack/suitcase
    This one is essential. If you are an avid traveller and will be travelling for quite a long time, make sure to invest in a quality luggage which will last some time between 5 to 10 years.
    We had many backpackers and bags in our short lives, but we knew we needed something great to take with us in this trip. We wanted something comfortable but versatile. Big but compact. Simple but full of functionalities. After researching for quite a good time, we managed to define what type of bag we wanted. Having this defined made our search a lot easier, so we weren’t roaming around aimlessly in the aisles of camping stores, looking for something that would suit us. Comparing for products online is also a pretty smart move as we headed to the shops with a pretty clear idea of what we wanted.
    For our surprise also, we found our perfect bag at our local adventure shop here in Brisbane. We looked at many other options both online and in store but went back to purchase the first one we saw and the one which we both fell in love with at our first stop.We decided for a travel pack as we knew we would be travelling in both urban and rural areas and wanted to have the flexibility of carrying our bags on our backs in case we needed but use the handy wheels whenever else possible. After all, we are getting a bit old for having a bag on our backs for hours on end. Plus, why get a sore back if you can simply just pull your bag, right?
    We also found that travel packs are a lot handier when it comes to packing. This one has a frontal opening which allows for easy access to the main compartment and you don’t have to unpack the whole bag to see what’s in the bottom, which is great when you are travelling and don’t have the time or space to unpack everything. And these are still compact enough to carry as a backpacker. Lastly, this bag is a complete set with a main bag and a day pack for the items we always want to keep with us. The Osprey Meridian 60L has the perfect internal space for all we need plus the handy day pack with laptop sleeve and easily accessible compartments for passports and cash. It ticked all our boxes for our needs and was everything we were looking for.
    Osprey 60l | Nomaddictives
  4. Choose your clothes smartly
    Choose your clothes carefully but don’t overthink it as it  usually confuses more than helps. Pick solid colours and pieces that you can easily layer. This will help you to have wider outfit combinations and make it easier for you to pick the clothes you want to wear and also add one on top of another in case the weather changes. For an easy way of deciding which clothes you should take, always choose the ones that you feel most comfortable on and feel great when wearing them. It will make it a lot easier when choosing your daily outfit (no need to spend hours choosing what to wear, ladies!). I made sure that most of my clothes are interchangeable. For example, pack a pair of pants that you can use with at least 2 different tops. Or a top that you can use with many different bottoms. And of course, something warmer such as a jumper, jacket or cardigan that can be used with the majority of your clothes.
  5. Buy travel cubes
    They may seem to be a bit of a hype these days and with good reason. They may be a bit expensive if you are wanting to get a good quality one, but they are worth the investment. Most of the travel cubes are quite cheap nonetheless, just make sure to buy a set that will suit you best. We bought ours through an online deal website, but there are plentiful of options around.
    The cubes will make it easier to organise your clothes, keep them from wrinkling and you won’t have to go through your whole bag to find where your pyjamas are. When packing your bag, separate the items and pack them accordingly. This way, you won’t have to shuffle through all the cubes until you find your pair of shorts.
    TOP TIP: Roll our clothes and pack them in the cubes. There’s more space and you can find them more easily.
    Travel Cubes | Nomaddictives
  6. Accessorise
    When travelling, your accessories are your best friends (guys, you are included on this one too!). Scarves are my favourite as they can always serve to keep you warm or more stylish for an evening out or in case you travel to Middle Eastern/African countries where is advisable to wear a head scarf.
    For guys scarves are also great! My partner always steal one when it’s a bit chilly and you can share the packing too on this one. They are really handy, are small to carry and will keep you warm when you need it. So don’t underestimate the uses of a simple scarf and get one in case you don’t have it.
    I also pack some headbands as they are super handy to keep my hair tamed in difficult weather conditions (hello frizzy hair). But the same rule doesn’t apply to most jewellery. If you really love a piece of expensive jewellery or has one with a sentimental value to you, keep it safe and away from your backpack. Use something cheaper or more versatile that you can use in more occasions. I’m sure you wouldn’t like to lose or have an expensive item stolen that you can’t buy again. Keep it simple and you’ll be able to enjoy it a lot more too.

With these tips in mind you can start planning and organise your adventure more efficiently and you end up with less chances of getting caught without the basics and make your trip a lot easier and smooth. What are your top tips to stay organised and travel smart?

Let us know in the comments!

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