Why Nomaddictives?

nomad (nəʊmad; noun) | a person who does not stay long in the same place; a wanderer.
addictive (əˈdɪktɪv; adjective) | (of a substance or activity) causing or likely to cause someone to become addicted to it.
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To start with, we think you should know that we are both Brazilians (so English is not our first language), Jean is from a beach town called Vitória (ES) and Larissa is from the Southern city of Porto Alegre (RS). We moved to Australia a long time ago and we love to call this country home. However, as we met each other and started sharing our dreams and wishes for the future, one thing (of many) in common hit us: we both wanted to travel the world, for real.
Our dream to travel started shy and seemed like a far away reality. But as our relationship flourished and grew stronger we decided to take it seriously and work for it. We saved, planned and set off to start the trip of our lives!
Now, we are circumnavigating the world and taking on new adventures, meeting amazing new people and working to make our living while we try not to kill each other (jokes…).

What is this blog about?

Nomaddictives is a travel blog for those who have a desire to travel but still feel like it may be too much of a challenge to try. We set out this blog to inspire people to trust the journey and step out of their comfort zone and into a beautiful and extraordinary world!

This blog was created to share our experiences while we travel as a couple without spending and arm and a leg. Roaming around the world with your significant other everyday can sometimes be challenging but we think we are doing pretty great, so we want to inspire others to do it too!

We are all about sharing our journey in a transparent and fun way while we try to inform and give reliable tips and real experiences that we face during our travels. We also believe in responsible travel and we feel its important to make the least harm possible wherever we go. This amazing world of ours is too beautiful to be trashed and we have the important task to care for it no matter where we go.

They say life is better when shared, so we hope you like to be a part of our journey!

Who are the Nomaddictives?

Larissa | Nomaddictives

Larissa | Nature, Food & Photography lover

Larissa loves nature, good food & photography. With a background in Marketing and Social Media, she is the writer behind all our channels and this blog. You can always find her savouring delicious and new flavours or laying by the beach, reading or practicing yoga.

Jean | Nomaddictives

Jean | Adventure & Surf Seeker

Jean is a surf nut. Always looking for perfect waves and sunny days. He’s the skilled guy who built this website. He loves adventure and is always on the lookout for something new to do. You’ll probably find him diving in the pacific ocean or surfing in the clear Australian waters.

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